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This collaborative research project between University West and Grästorps municipality aim to both develop practice as well as evidence such development of practice. The purpose of the project “Team Agera” is to increase accessibility of support and to measure effects on pupils’ health and academic achievements in the schools in Grästorp. Team Agera is an inter-professional extended pupil-health intervention and comprises two teachers and two social workers. The purpose is to offer services traditionally provided by Social Services, in order to increase the accessibility of support to children and families focusing on 1) children in families with substance abuse problems, psychiatric ill-health and where domestic violence occurs, and 2) children with psychiatric ill-health.

Participating researchers at University West

Emma Sorbring
Anette Bolin


Mattias Ymefors, Team Agera, Grästorps municipality

External funding 

Public Health Agency of Sweden




Anette Bolin

Anette Bolin Professor i socialt arbete

Emma Sorbring

Emma Sorbring Professor Professor i barn- och ungdomsvetenskap