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For many women with an immigrant background, higher education is an important transition period into a new society and to future career and life opportunities. Previous research shows that young immigrant women are at greater risk of discrimination and marginalization in higher education than other groups of students. This may mean a risk of increased inequality in terms of well-being and learning conditions in higher education. Research also shows that higher education can contribute to immigrant women gaining a stronger position in the family, strengthening their empowerment and increasing financial independence. However, few studies have focused on individual, social and contextual factors that promote and facilitate immigrant women's pathways through higher education to graduation. Therefore, the project will explore the individual biographical experiences of female immigrant students in higher education and the (often critical) turning points in women's pathways to graduation.

Research Area

  • Utbildningsvetenskap/Pedagogik/Didaktik

Research environment / Institution

  • Övrig forskning
  • Institutionen för individ och samhälle

Research Partner

  • Högskolan i Halmstad

Research funding

  • Jane och Dan Olssons Stiftelse för vetenskapliga ändamål

Project time

2024 - 2026