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How is the web survey conducted?

In 2022, you who are an employee and / or student at University West will have the opportunity to participate in a survey with questions about inclusion and exclusion at the University. The survey aims to map and understand how employees and students at University West perceive that ethnicity and other grounds for discrimination affect one's conditions and opportunities within the academy.

All material that we collect in the research project is processed by the research group and no unauthorized person will be given access to the material. It will not be clear what you answered when the results of the survey are reported. It is of course voluntary to participate in the survey.

You can download the speech synthesis Tortalk free of charge via University West's website and in this way have the survey read out as a complement to the written text.

Do you have questions about the study, please contact:

Kerstin von Brömssen

Links to the surveys

For staff

For students

Consent letter web survey?

Here you can read more about the consent letter for the web survey.