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The overall project aim is to define future competences needed for more digitalized and automated production systems. In close collaboration and dialogue with two to three manufacturing industries in the aerospace and gas turbine sector, three cases will be studied; Tablet computers in the production, Strategies for digitalization and future competence needs and Robotization and automation for emerging professional competences. Expected results will be competence development modules for operators and engineers, increased knowledge of the introduction of robotization with collaborative robots, a specific skills development package for HR staff containing a competence development model for mapping and deliver competence actions for the personnel and theoretical understanding of how to organize for co-construction of knowledge captured through workintegrated learning. Two industrial project partners are GKN Aerospace and Siemens Turbomachinery, both in Trollhättan. The applicants goal is to further the career to become an established associate researcher, to broaden the knowledge within relations of digitalization and production systems, especially human-machinerelated competences and future professions. Further goals are to build an international research network and produce three-four publications

Research Area


Research environment / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Primus (KK-miljö) Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Project leader

Monika Hattinger

Participants University West

Monika Hattinger

Research Partner

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery GKN

Research funding


Project time

2018 - 2020

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