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This project aims to develop a fundamental understanding of process parameter-microstructure-performance relationships in emergent high velocity air fuel (HVAF) and suspension plasma spray (SPS) techniques, to enable coatings with tailored microstructures for meeting diverse automotive industry aspirations. The generated
knowledge will be utilized to specifically target three industrial outcomes that are consistent with the Swedish Energy Agency’s strategy: (i) environment friendly dust-free coated brake discs (ii) coatings to enable induction of light-weight Al-based brake discs and (iii) optimally designed layers for fuel cell applications. The added ambition is to demonstrate a next-generation coating platform, based on University West’s unique position as Sweden’s only academic R&D group on Thermal Spraying, to fulfill the long term vision of the Energy Efficient Vehicle program to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, facilitate use of new materials and mitigate environmental impact.

Research Area


Research environment / Institution

Produktionsteknik Väst, PTV Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Project leader

Shrikant Joshi

Participants University West

Shrikant Joshi Mohit Gupta Stefan Björklund

Research funding

Energimyndigheten Statens Energimyndighet

Project time

2018 - 2021

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