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The project goal is to establish the first test- and demo facility for textile sorting and resource optimization in Sweden. The purpose of the development facility is to support the development of sorting and recycling/upcycling technologies, work environment and processes in order to open up new, or optimize, value chains using textile resources in an optimal circular manner. The project and facility will cover textile resources from both consumer and business/industry. The project strategy is
to work with demo projects, i.e, work flows within the project with different but complementing focuses such as optimizing value chains, work environment in many perspectives, automation, system analysis, IT systems and redesign processes. The target size of the development facility is 500-1,000 tonnes per year. By doing this the project supports the development of a society where textile resources are used in a careful and circular sustainable way and, also, minimizing waste. 

Research Area

  • Produktionsteknik

Research environment / Institution

  • Produktionsteknik
  • Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Participants University West

Research Partner

  • Innovatum i Trollhättan
  • Rise Research Institutes Of Sweden AB
  • Svenska Röda Korset
  • Vänersborgs kommun
  • Trollhättans energi

Research funding

  • Energimyndigheten

Project time

2018 - 2020