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Ali Kazemi

Ali Kazemi

Professor I534


Staff member at Division of Psychology, Pedagogy and Sociology.

Research area

Conducts research in social sciences, psychology.

Ali Kazemi holds a Professorship in Work and Organizational Psychology since 2019 at University West. He has previously been incumbent of several academic positions, among others, Professorship in Social Psychology at University of Skövde. He is also the director of the research environment of Positive Organizational and Leadership Studies (POLS) at the Department of Social and Behavioural Studies.

Research interests

Professor Kazemi has a fairly broad research profile. An important line of research concerns studies of people's perceptions and experiences of justice in various contexts. Another area of interest concerns social psychological perspectives on well-being in working life. Closely related to research on well-being is theory development and the application of mindfulness, for example, in organizations and for sustainable leadership.


Another research track concerns predictors of user satisfaction and care quality as well as aspects of the person-centered approach in elderly care. Individualized or person-centered care presupposes that one not only pays attention to personal conditions in users / care recipients but also personality traits/individual attributes in the staff for an optimal outcome of care. Looking beyond personal attributes, care staff does not perform their work in a vacuum but in a context that is influenced by management practices and organizational climate which also affect the quality of care. Another focus has been the development and validation of measures of person-centered care and the identification and measurement of alternative / coexisting approaches to work (i.e., bureaucratic, market-oriented, and professional) in elderly care.


Other research areas / research projects include studies of decision-making in social dilemmas, attitude and behavioral influence in the health management area, management practices and business success, and career / career development. A recent interest includes applications of positive psychology in different contexts, e.g., the integration of newly arrived academics into the Swedish labor market and the challenges the Corona pandemic cause and how they relate to a reorganization of labor with a certain emphasis on the role of HR.


In addition to publishing articles in international scientific journals, Professor Kazemi has among other scholarly work co-/edited three books Välbefinnande i arbetslivet (Wellbeing in the workplace, published in 2009 by Studentlitteratur), A theoretical approach to assess road safety campaigns: Evidence from seven European countries (2009, published Belgian Road Safety Institute) and Handbook of Social Resource Theory (2012, published by Springer). He is also the co-author of Uppdrag butikschef (Management in retail, published in 2013 by Liber), which was nominated for the HR book of 2013 by the specialized magazine Personal och ledarskap. Professor Kazemi has also made several contributions to four international specialized encyclopedias: Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia (SAGE publications), Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity (SAGE publications), International Encyclopedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences (2nd edition, Elsevier) and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society (SAGE publications).

Teaching and Supervision

Professor Kazemi has taught extensively in psychological/social psychological and sociological theory and applications, scientific methods, and statistical data analysis. He has further supervised a large number of theses in widely differing research areas in the disciplines mentioned above. Professor Kazemi has also a documented record of successful doctoral/postgraduate supervision.

His current teaching includes giving stand-alone courses in psychology (e.g., Intercultural work psychology) as well courses at the Study Programme for Human Resource Management (Personalvetarprogrammet).

Other Academic Qualifications/Activities

In addition to serving as referee and member of editorial boards for scientific journals, Professor Kazemi has since 2011 been the editor-in-chief for Social Justice Research, published by Springer. He has extensive experience of academic leadership, i.e., principal investigator for both national and European research projects, appointment as Dean, research group leader, director for research, and head of subject. Other services include acting as member of conference organizing committees, acting as external expert/subject specialist in appointment committees for academic positions at various ranks, associate professor applications (docentansökningar) as well as grading committee member and faculty opponent. Professor Kazemi has also extensive experience in third stream activities.


Publications by Ali Kazemi


Leadership studies, Human Resource Management (HRM), Sustainability, Mindfulness, Subjective wellbeing, Positive psychology, Justice/Fairness, Decision making/Social dilemmas, Person-centered care, User-oriented care