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Americo Scotti

Americo Scotti

Senior Professor

Professor in Welding Technology N3-206


Staff member at Division of Mechanical engineering.

Research area

Conducts research in engineering and technology, production technology.

Research area/Research interest

My main field of interest is Arc Welding Processes. I work from the basics (arc physics) to the end-use (process automation and parametric optimization). My research approach is experimental work, with application of instrumentation and statistics. I have imposed lately a great effort on heat input measurement by calorimetry and fume and gas emission from arc welding processes. As related to welding process application, I have devoted study time on experimental mitigation and determination methods of distortion and residual stresses. The latest subject of interest has been Arc Welding Additive Manufacturing.


I have been teaching for more than 30 years Welding Technology (arc welding processes, arc physics, distortion and residual stress, health and safety, quality assurance, instrumentation applied to weld, weldability of steels, cracking, etc.) at different levels, such us for undergraduate, graduate (master and doctorate degree), and for International Welding Engineering courses. I have supervised tens of students (master and doctorate level) on welding technology.


Welding Process; Instrumentation; Experimental Arc Physics; Distortion and Residual Stress; Quality Assurance.