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Ana Fuentes Martinez

Doctoral Student

Leg Gymnasielärare Matematik och programmering

Staff member at Division of Informatics.

Conducts research in work integrated learning, workintegrated learning, informatics.

Research area

I have my background as a computer engineer from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. After some tears in the telecom-sector I started teaching programming and mathematics in Upper Secondary School. The latest curricular reform determined that computer programming was to be integrated into mathematics courses. I was then asked to collaborate with the National Agency for Education in their new professional development program by which mathematics teachers were to learn and apply programming in their teaching. This was the departure point to start investigating under which conditions and with which strategies teachers were implementing these new directives.

The research environment Learning in and for the new working life, LINA, at University West is an excellent research environment to conduct and disseminate research on learning and knowledge related to the workplace, which will be decisive when a large share of the teaching force is to undergo professional development training in parallel with their teaching duties. The research school GRADE constitutes a complementary informed network to understand and develop digital technologies in education. Together they form a solid ground to find answers and successful practices that integrate computer programming in mathematics teaching


Programming, mathematics, curricular reform, workplace learning, WIL