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Anette Johnsson

Anette Johnsson

Senior lecturer G416


Staff member at Section for nursing - undergraduate level.

Research area

Conducts research in medical and health sciences, workintegrated learning, learning and caring for sustainable health, caring in relation to patients' experiences and ex.

Research of interest

My research is centred on various encounters in healthcare, with a focus on participation, communication, interaction and the care relationship between nurse, patient and relative. Another area of interest is the learning and supervision of nursing students during clinical placement.

My thesis is titled, Creating and establishing a positive care relationship between nurses, patients and relatives. An ethnographic study of encounters at a department of medicine for older people. The thesis takes an ethnographic approach with theoretical foundations in the sociocultural and interaction perspectives.


I teach various courses within the nursing program and supervise students' degree projects at both undergraduate and advanced levels.


Care relationship, clinical learning, communication, ethnographic approach, nursing students, older patients, relatives, registered nurses, social interaction, sociocultural perspective