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Beata Jungselius

Beata Jungselius

Senior Lecturer I209


Staff member at Division of media production. Conducts research in social sciences, informatics.

I work at University West since January 2020. I have a PhD in Applied Information Technology from the University of Gothenburg and defended my thesis "Using social media" in October 2019. Within my research, I have been interested in technology-mediated interpersonal interaction and my studies have mainly focused on interaction in social media.

I have a background in Media and Communications and Business Administration/Marketing. I have studied how museum visitors document and share their museum experiences through mobile phones, images and social media, how people communicate using Likes and how Instagram users interact around photos. At the moment, I teach at the Digital Media program and participate in the research project "Digital seniors" where we study how seniors use digital technology in general and social media in particular.

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