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Börje Bjelke

Börje Bjelke

Guest Professor


Staff member at Division of Urban Planning and Development.

Börje Bjelke is a visiting professor position in geriatrics at Högskolan Väst. In parallel to his academic profile, he works as a senior consultant in the private sector.

He has a specialist degree in geriatrics from Karolinska University Hospital, meaning that it is a European autonomous recognized specialty. Alongside his clinical expertise, it can be mentioned that he has had the privilege to build up two geriatric units previously: one unit in Southeast Sweden focusing on geriatric orthopedics and one on the Norwegian West Coast in Helse Fonna. The latter geriatric unit represents a very well-functioning holistic unit with a holistic approach, including a bed ward, a polyclinic, an ambulatory geriatric activity towards elderly home facilities, and a health team focusing on geriatric risk factors in the municipal population.

Scientifically, he has his background in preclinical neuroscience, where he presented his thesis on the Volume Transmission theory, explaining how neurotransmitters transfer their messages via the extracellular space instead of going directly via the synaptic cleft. He has headed his own research group focusing on experimental brain injury, functional recovery, and repair mechanisms. This involved behavior methodologies, morphological analysis, MRI/fMRI, and nanotechnology in medicine. During this period, he and his group received numerous grants, awards, and media highlights.

Prior to his present professor position, he also held a volunteer visiting scientist position at the Department of Ceramic and Materials Engineering, Rutgers, an associate professor degree at Karolinska Institutet, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Copenhagen University, and a full professor position at the University of Oslo.

He currently also holds several board positions in non-profit organizations and companies within the medical field.