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Cecilia Thorsen

Cecilia Thorsen

Senior Lecturer

Docent i pedagogik I429


Staff member at Division of Educational Science and Languages. Conducts research in social sciences, educational sciences/pedagogy/didactics.


My name is Cecilia Thorsen and I am a senior lecturer in Education at University West. In 2014 I finished my PhD on a thesis titled Dimensionality and Predictive Validity of School Grades: The relative influence of cognitive and social-behavioral aspects. My research interest is primarily on prerequisites for and results of education. I have a special interest in questions on equity in education, i.e. why students’ background affects their results in school and on the schools compensatory abilities. I am currently involved in a project called Changes in the Compensatory Abilities in Supporting Academic Resilience in Swedish Schools over Time (COMPASS). The project focuses the group of students who despite their disadvantaged background manage to succeed in school, i.e. who are academically resilient. The goal of the project is to identify what factors that can explain these students’ academic success, both on and individual- and school level. I also have an interest in what is happening within the classroom, particularly related to students’ motivation. I have previously been in a project where we investigated the practice of English teachers who were successful motivators and I am currently involved in a project investigating the development of mathematics motivation in primary school in six European countries.


I am first and foremost teaching assessment in the teacher education program. The focus of my teaching is on equity in education, but I also teach teacher students on assessment practices in the classroom, such as formative assessment and grading practices. Apart from assessment I also teach quantitative research methods for undergraduate students as well as supervising undergraduate and doctoral students.



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