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Daniel Sjölie

Daniel Sjölie

Senior Lecturer J227


Staff member at Division of Informatics. Conducts research in social sciences, informatics.

Research interest

My research is based on an interest in how computer technology can create tools, experiences and environments that are well adapted to how people perceive and understand their reality. I have mainly focused on Virtual Reality and visualization, but it is common for applications and projects to include Augmented/Mixed Reality. My research is also characterized by a combination of theory, linked to human cognition and brain function, with technical knowledge of how, for example, VR applications are developed with the help of powerful modern game engines, such as Unreal Engine. Recently, I have spent time exploring the use of VR for teaching and education.


In addition to being responsible for courses in Immersive media and Immersive computing (including Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality), I often contribute to elements in other courses based on these techniques and their application. I also often supervise student projects in these subjects.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Presence, Immersive computation, Information visualization

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