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Irene Bernhard

Senior Lecturer

Staff member at Division of media production.

Conducts research in social sciences, informatics, community planning.

Dr. Iréne Bernhard is an Assistant Professor in Informatics at School of Business, Economics and IT, University West, Sweden. She holds a PhD in planning and decision analysis, with specialization in urban and regional studies, from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. During 2015-2020 she was deputy head of School of Business, Economics and IT, University West, with special responsibility for research.  

Her research focuses on the effects of digitalization for citizens as well as for public administrators and for small businesses. Recent publications cover issues such as research on digitalization, effects on women entrepreneurs as well as for citizens, social media, work-integrated learning, university-society research collaboration, innovation, network, and stakeholder collaboration for local and regional development. Besides, she has extensive experience of editorship, project leadership and organizing international scientific conferences. She has e.g. been responsible for running more than twenty yearly scientific international conferences named Uddevalla Symposium ( )


Research projects