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Jan Winroth

Jan Winroth

Senior lecturer G436


Staff member at Section for health promotion and care sciences.

Research interest

My focus is on health promotion linked to working life. It is about how to work development-oriented to contribute to a better working environment and for organizations, leaders and employees to have a sustainable work environment. Great focus lies on change work related to WIL.

External assignments

  • "Hälsa på arbetsplatsen" - collaboration with Vänersborg municipality for 5 years
  • LUP - Leadership development program for managers in Fyrbodal municipalities for 5 years
  • ”FHV-NySam” - Three-year research project linked to the Institute for Stress Medicine (ISM) for 3 years
  • "AMS - arbetsmiljösatsning inom VG-regionen 2017-2020" - ISM
  • " Hammaröprojektet " - an R&D project in collaboration with colleagues at Halmstad University for 2 years. The project was about change work linked to a management team.
  • "Carena" - R&D project which was a collaborative project between several universities where Christer Sorbring and I were responsible for a part.


Health promotion, working life, work environment, change work, change management, AIL