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Linda Mossberg

Linda Mossberg

Senior Lecturer J535


Staff member at Division of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. Conducts research in social sciences, social work.

Research interest

I am a senior lecturer in social work and focus on organizational research. In that field, I have for the most part looked at collaboration between different professional actors and user participation. Trust, power, culture and interpretive precedence are large parts of how I understand encounters between individuals and organizations. I have a focus on organizations that work with within mental illness and functional variations, but have also branched out into activities within the school world.


My current projects focus on collaboration regarding problematic school absence, this is my postdoc project funded by FORTE. I and a colleague from University West study young people's trust in the municipality as a place and organization in a collaborative project with Grästorp Municipality. Furthermore, I study together colleagues from the Swedish and South African universities, children's opportunities for influence from outside, in a first stage, the respective countries' legislation.