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Paul Kah

Paul Kah

Professor N3-207


Staff member at Division of Mechanical engineering.

Research area

Conducts research in engineering and technology, production technology.

Research interest

My research focuses on welding technology and, more specifically, process control systems for optimization of arc welding processes for improved weld quality. Additional research interests include research in the application of artificial intelligence systems in gas metal arc processes as a way to meet welding challenges and improve systems integration, welding economy and quality, the weldability of high-strength steels and aluminium, and dissimilar welds.

Teaching / supervision

I have vast experience of teaching, during which time I have delivered courses at master’s and doctoral level on subjects like modern welding processes, sustainable welding production, weldability of materials, and welding automation. In addition to university teaching, I also gained valuable teaching experience while delivering International Welding Engineer/Specialist (IWE/IWS) courses in Finland, Nigeria and Cameroon. I have acted as supervisor to master’s students and doctoral students working in areas such as adaptive intelligence welding systems, weld performance and dissimilar weld quality, weld quality control and management system modelling, weldability of HSS, and welding of aluminium.


Welding technology, process control in welding, sustainable welding, weld quality assurance, high strength steels, aluminium, dissimilar welding.

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