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Susanne Andersson

Susanne Andersson

Senior Lecturer



Staff member at Section for nursing - graduate level. Conducts research in medical and health sciences, health promotion processes and factors.


My research is mainly about diabetes and other long-term illnesses. The dissertation from 2012, "Med risk för diabetes – Studier av symtom, självskattad hälsa och erfarenheter av att leva med risk för att utveckla typ 2 diabetes " focused on experiences of living with prediabetes. My further research has focused on how people learn to live with various long-term illnesses and how this learning can be supported. A research-based didactic model; The challenge of taking the lead in their life-learning in the case of long-term illness has been implemented and evaluated in various care contexts, such as dialysis care and group teaching for people with type 2 diabetes. KOLinfo - a group-based person-centered self-care education with a digital support aimed at patients with COPD is studied with patient participation. Other current research areas concern Hypertension and digital foot examinations in diabetes.