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Victoria Johansson


Staff member at Division of media production.

Conducts research in research centers, learning in and for the new working life, research areas, workintegrated learning.


My research interest involves to study communication effects via digital media, tools/solutions and environments. Primarily, I’m interested in studying what the effects could result in, on a society, organizational and individual level. In connection with this interest, I am part of a research project called "Social media on Prescription" (SMOP). More info about this project could be read here.

The research interest for the individual PhD project in SMOP, is to study utility of digital meeting places for both patients and healthcare providers. The study of digital meeting places will be primarily anchored to the health platform The platform is in the format of an online discussion forum and belongs to the SMOP project. The focus of the platform is cancer rehabilitation for colorectal cancer diagnosis.


Main supervisor for the individual PhD project is Martin Gellerstedt

. Assistant supervisors are Eva Angenete and Tomas Lindroth. I am also in close collaboration with Anna Sigridur Islind.


Follow my research via Researchgate and Google Scholar.


I am involved in courses that is studied through Digital Media programme. I am also mentoring students that have learning disabilities via the organization FUNKA.