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Please note! Before performing these tests you need to read the information on the page How to participate in online courses at Univerity West!       

Test Internet speed of your computer

  1. Start the web browser on your computer (not the virtual computer)

  2. Browse to the website

  3. Run a test by clicking on Start measuring!

  4. Make notes of the respons time, download and upload

  5. Close the web browser

Installation of Windows Virtual Desktop Client on your computer

To install Windows Virtual Desktop go to the page Virtual Computer Rooms and follow the instructions to under the heading CONNECT TO A COMPUTER IN THE VIRTUAL COMPUTER ROOM (log in with your University West UserID and password).

Proceed to the next section when the installation above has finished.

Test the robotstudio applikation


  1. When you are connected to a virtual student computer you can start Robotstudio. To start Robotstudio double click on the file called test_station.rspag that is stored on the Desktop
  2. Wait until Robotstudio has been started and the station has been loaded

  3. Click next, finish or Ok on all questions

  4. Click on the simulation ribbon and press play. The simulation should start

  5. Note the overall user experience, is it slow, fast, smooth or jerky?

Test zoom application

  1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings here

  2. Plug in your headset and test the e-meeting client by following  the instructions on the site: Joining a Test Meeting

  3. Note the overall user experience, is it slow, fast, smooth or jerky?

Test canvas application

  1. Browse to the website

  2. Watch the movies on the Canvas page

  3. Fill in the form available on the Canvas page

Logout from the virtual computer by clicking on the Start MenuUserSign out

The tests has now been completed, if it was possible to do the tests you have good conditions to follow the education.