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NOTE! A Disco Course is available no earlier than 4 weeks before the course starts.

Here is how you find your DisCo course:

  1. Go to, MyPage and then select "DisCo" in MyLinks.

  2. Click on "My DisCo" to find the courses you have access to. If you don't see your course under "Present courses" you will first need to register by going to My Page / My Links /My Studies /New Registration. You will have access to your DisCo course within an hour. If you have been registered on the course before, you can request access to the DisCo course by selecting one of the four alternatives under: "Search courses". Select your course and then follow the instructions for gaining access. If the DisCo course is not locked, you can gain access by clicking the "Subscribe" button.

Once a subscriber you will have access to all the information the teacher has posted, you'll be added to the roster and it becomes possible for the teacher to send mail to you. You will get the latest news from all the courses you've subscribed to, e.g. changes to the schedule and new assignments.

Tip! In MyPage, you can see information from DisCo by pressing the button "Info from DisCo".

Why the name DisCo, do we like to dance?

Absolutely, but it's not really from where the name comes. The system is developed by University West and was originally developed for distance learning, Distance Courses = DisCo.

All courses are available in DisCo but it is up to the teacher responsible for the course how to use DisCo and therefore, every course looks a little bit different. It is the teacher who chooses which features to be used in each course.


Publishing material, that is copyright-protected, at DisCo means a spread and requires the consent of the copyright holder. This also applies when DisCo through password restricts access to a group of students. This means for example that you cannot scan and via Disco distribute copyright protected material. Permit is also required for spreading in a small group and even if the material is on password-protected pages.

Electronic bulletin boards

The person (teachers and students) who has put the material at DisCo is the one who is ultimately responsible for the material and that it is acceptable. Examples of materials referred to here can be posts on discussion forums, documents, chat, file sharing. Furthermore, such a material is to be considered as public documents and may be handed out if someone requests it and if there is for some reason no privacy rule that prevents this.

The teacher who is responsible for the course has, according to the Law "Lagen om ansvar för elektroniska anslagstavlor" (external link, swedish), responsibility to monitor and if necessary remove material considered incompatible with the copyright protection or if it involves sedition, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography or unlawful depiction of violence. In addition, the staff at University West has the right to delete such posts which are contrary to rules and guidelines for the use of the university's IT resources.

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