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  • For you as a teacher: It´s a good idea to start the meeting by greeting all students by name for a more personal touch. 
  • Use a headset for better sound quality. 
  • Make sure the microphone is muted when you are not talking.  
  • The host can temporarily mute the participants' microphones. 
  • Do not sit in backlight and make sure the room you are sitting in is tidy. 
  • To the extent possible, try to sit undisturbed to avoid unnecessary disturbance. 
  • Feel free to use gestures and mimicry to answer.   
  • Use the chat and symbols in the participant list to answer questions in writing instead of verbally. 
  • Give each other time to respond. There may be some delay so be patient! 
  • The meeting view is individual, and your view is not the same as the other participants, i.e. the participant images appear in a different order. 

Good luck with your e-meetings!

Updated by Lars Johansson