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On MyPage you'll find your personal information. MyPage is a part of Microsoft Office 365. This includes a large number of features such as e-mail, links to systems, collaborative sites for groups, and document management, etc.

You can reach the various parts of Office 365 via the "waffle" in the upper left and come back to MyPage via the UW logo. Under My Links you will find links to several systems e. g. "Ladok - My Studies". Here you will find the information about you that is entered in the student record system Ladok. Here you are able to find results, print certificates related to your studies and also sign up for your exams.

On Mypage you'll find shortcuts to our learning platforms DisCo and Canvas, and to the schedule. 


To log in to My Page/Office 365/e-mail, enter your username followed by This may look like this:
Then enter your ordinary password.

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