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Using the KronoX website you can search for the schedule for those courses that you are studying. If you can't find the schedule for a course that you are enrolled on, then you should contact the teacher responsible for the course.

At, MyPage (Office 365), you can see your personal schedule presented in a channel with your upcoming lectures for the courses that you are registered on.

NOTE! To log into MyPage, Office365 use your username followed by e. g. The same password as usual.

Searching in the schedule system

There are two ways to go to the schedule system:

  1. Go to and click on MyPage and then go to Schema /Schedule.
  2. Go directly to

Enter the information required in each of the enquiry fields. Don't forget to click on choose for each choice and, thereafter, show schedule. Then click on the link provided and your timetable will appear.

Remember to check your schedule regularly by visiting the Web based schedule since it is always possible that changes to the schedule, such as a change of rooms, can occur. The schedule for each day will be displayed on a screen in the main entrance. A drop-down notation indicates any changes that students need to be aware of.


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