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Eduroam is available at almost all European universities and at airports, libraries, hotels and trainstations. It is also available in other parts of the world.

requirements for access to eduroam

In order to use eduroam you must have proven your identity and you also have to set a separate password for eduroam.

It is a national requirement to use the international system eduroam, and other national higher education systems, that the users have proven their identity.

Please note that if you are staff or student and have got a West Card you have already proven your identity!

Identify yourself

The easiest way to prove your identify is to show a valid photo ID at the servicecenter and say that you want to prove your identity. The vast majority have already done so in connection with getting the West Card.

Another possible way to prove your identity is by using an electronic identification. In our system, you can do so by browsing to, click Edit, log in, and choose to identify yourself. Then you are able to prove your identity by signing in with the login you received from

Password Management

You set your eduroam password and manage your passwords in the system My Account. Note that the passwords for HV account and eduroam must be different, but they have the same safety requirements.

Enter your new password

After changing your eduroam password at, you have to reinstall or add your new password in the eduroam connection on your mobile devices. Here you´ll find instructions on how to do this.

Installation of Eduroam

On the guide page you'll find guides for installation of Eduroam on some common types of devices.

The easiest way to install eduroam is if you can do the installation using the installer file for your system. To install, follow the installation guide, on the guide-page under the heading Wireless network. The installation file mentioned in the guide can be found below.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 you can use the guide for Windows 8. Everything does not look exactly the same but you do it in the same way. Just remember that you must select the installation file for Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Go to the Guide page

Installation file for PC, Windows 7

Installation file for PC, Windows 8

Installation file for PC, Windows 10

Installation file for Mac, OSX

If for some reason it is not possible to install using the installer file, try to make a manual installation. Ask servicecenter for another installation guide. You will find the certificate wich is mentioned in the installation guide here below.

Certificates for PC
Certificates for Mac


If you have a laptop with a wireless card, you can connect it to the University West Wireless Network HV OPEN. You use the same login details as when you logon to University computers. NOTE! If you want to connect your smartphone or tablet, or if you want your laptop to connect automatically to the internet when you are at campus, you should use Eduroam.

To connect to HV-Open

  1. Enable the wireless connection if it is not already enabled. If you are within range of a network, you should be able to see HV-OPEN by clicking the wireless network icon in the lower right corner. Click on Connect.
  2. When connected to the network, you need to log in to be able to use internet.
  3. Start your browser and you will then be prompted to login. You must enter the same username and password that you have in the fixed HV network.

Note that traffic on this network is unencrypted and therefore can be intercepted. To protect sensitive information such as passwords, you should use HTTPS whenever possible.