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Requirements for installing eduroam:

  • That you have an University West account.

  • That you have verified your identity. You can verify your identity at Servicecenter or at the website (My Account). (If you have a West card you have already verified your identity). Read about how you can verify your identity on the web here. 

Install eduroam:

  1. Start a browser on your phone.

  2. Go to and follow the on-screen instructions. When you log in to eduroam, you log in with your UW account.

Please note! Your phone must be connected to the Internet during the installation; either via your phone operator or a wireless network. At University West there is the wifi HV-GUEST.

Once you have installed eduroam, your device will connect to eduroam as soon as you are in the range of an eduroam network.

With WiFi-eduroam you can connect to Internet at campus Trollhättan and many other places. More information about eduroam.