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It is just over 10 years since campus was opened in Trollhättan. The University’s activities are constantly evolving and new challenges arise. The University’s new strategic platform provides clarity about the university’s development where campus also needs to keep up.

Therefore, during the autumn of 2018, a working group commissioned by the Vice-Chancellor, has produced a draft to a campus vision and themes to be seen as guide in the coming work to achieve a campus development plan.

Therefore – we look forward to your registration to one of the following workshops:

  • February 8, 10-12 (coffee from 9.30 am) 
  • February 15, 13-15 (after work-mingle with snacks from 3 pm) 
  • 22 februari, kl 10-12 (coffee from 9.30 am) – Registration here
    OBS Last date for registration February 18

There is also a digital form on the Swedish website (look for the form under “Idéer/Förslag/Tankar”) where you can post your thoughts and ideas.

More information:

Warm Welcome!
Li Lejerstedt
University Director

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