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This time we have more questions about the distance environment, as most people are now studying at a distance due to the Covid19 pandemic. We hope that you want to be involved and respond, so we can learn what the students want to improve.

Here are some things that emerged the last time we did the Student Barometer, spring 2019:

Most respondents were very satisfied with the library and with the Service Center, and with the study environment as a whole. Some areas with less satisfaction were the lack of parking spaces, that group rooms were not bookable  and that it is generally crowded when all students are on campus.

The university has since initiated a vast campus development project together with the city of Trollhättan and the Student Union. That is a long term project, but we have also made small improvements. It is now possible to book group rooms, for example. Other things that have improved after the Student Barometer 2019 are the microwave ovens in the students' kitchenettes, information about Student Health and information about where to turn if you feel that you have been subjected to discrimination and harassment.

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