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On Monday, February 5th, HV will switch to a new copy / print system. It will work as usual by swiping your card at the printer and choosing to print, copy or scan. The big difference is that you pay your print outs via PayPal instead of PayEx.

But I have money left on my PayEx account?
Go to and sign in to PayEx and select Withdraw. Enter the amount you want to transfer and the bank account you want the money to be deposited on.

For foreign bank accounts, you must enter the bank's BIC / SWIFT code and a valid IBAN number. We recommend all students to withdraw their money after February 5th. All questions regarding your PayEx account is answered by PayEx support.

How do I buy prints outs?
Browse to and log in with your username and password.

I still have money left of the 50 SEK I received from Hv when I started?

Your free quota will be moved to the new system.

Updated by Mikael Andersson