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The university’s declaration of values points out that ‘the work done at University West is grounded in and defends the principle that all human beings are of equal value and that democracy and diversity contribute to social welfare, justice, and sustainable social development’. Working to maintain an equal playing field is one of the most important ways we have to ensure adherence to our declaration of values. Just as this is a question of each individual’s rights, it is also a question of quality for our university. The position we have taken on equal terms for all must therefore be integrated into all areas of our organisation, including the study and work environment, which must be open and respectful.

Applicants to and students at University West are covered by those parts of the Anti-Discrimination Law that concern equal treatment of students (that is to say, from the perspective of an education provider).

On this page you as a student will find information about the work done concerning equal terms for all at the university. Here you can read how you can contribute, what various kinds of support and contact functions there are, and what you should do if you, or someone else, are subjected to offensive behaviour in the form of harassment or discrimination.

About the legislation
Regarding the university´s work and responsibility
Procedures for dealing with discrimination and victimisation

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