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The university’s responsibility based upon anti-discrimination legislation

The university’s role as an education provider has a legal obligation to promote a good environment and prevent abusive behaviour using active measures for creating a workplace free from discrimination based upon the seven motives for discrimination.  Taking active measures means that we continuously implement efforts in four steps (investigate, analyse, take measures, follow up) in five areas. Our work on creating an environment free from discrimination comprises an important part of the systematic planning included in our work environment project (in which the university’s efforts to prevent victimization also figure).

The university has the obligation to investigate the circumstances when a student feels that they have been subjected to harassment or sexual harassment (related to the motives for discrimination) and see to it that any abuse stops. The education provider/employer can also be notified of problems in various ways and by persons other than the one who has been subjected to discrimination. These other people also have an obligation to take action.


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