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As a student at University West, you are provided the opportunity to be awarded a Certificate of International Merits (CIM) by creating a portfolio of international activities.

This is a way to acquire and highlight international experience and intercultural competence, either through international exchange or internationalization activities at home. Offering the possibility to achieve a CIM resonates with University Wests aims connected to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Depending on your chosen activities, you train skills such as cultural awareness and intercultural communication. You exercise your ability to collaborate across disciplinary and cultural boundaries, and you earn the opportunity to view the world from other perspectives. When recognizing the connection between your chosen field of study and the rest of the world, you learn to reflect on your learning. Achieving a CIM makes you well-prepared for lifelong learning and development and a world in constant change.

Examples of activities:

  • Taking part in an exchange programme, participating in a summer course, or carrying out your degree project abroad
  • Attending international conferences and workshops
  • Acting as mentor to an international student
  • Taking part in lectures with an international theme
  • Participating in activities arranged by the International Office

You will have the opportunity to plan your activities together with your CIM coordinator. However, it is your responsibility to find and register for the activities you want to take part in. For activities abroad, contact your department's international coordinator.

You build your portfolio by reflecting on your activities from the perspective of different themes, such as how the activity develops your competence in relation to your professional development, and how the activity increases your intercultural competence. Finally, you present your experiences to your fellow students at a CIM ceremony arranged by the university.



Susanne Forsgren Gebring

Susanne Forsgren Gebring First Lecturer Master i Omvårdnad

Helena Gregorc-Lööv

Helena Gregorc-Lööv Lecturer

Annabella Loconsole

Annabella Loconsole Avdelningschef

Wilma Lundqvist Westin

Wilma Lundqvist Westin Lecturer