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If a course is being discontinued or gets a new course code another three re-examinations are offerd beyond the two original examinations that are given in connection with the course. The last re-examination has to be at least a year after the last original examination in connection to the course.

It is your responsibility as a student to find out when these last three examinations are.

Registration to the final three re-examinations


If the exam you want to partake in is an on-campus written examination you register for the exam in Ladok for students. This should be done when the registration is opened (between 25 days to 8 days prior to the exam).

You can find more information regarding on-campus written exam here.

Other examinations

When it comes to other forms of examinations it is the course coordinator who decides wheter or not the students should register to the exam beforehand. You as a student must therefore find out what applies for the examination you want to partake in. You will find what applies to the exam by looking at the course schedule (see below).

Date for the final three re-examinations

Here is a list over the discontinued courses and the courses that are changing the course code. You will find the exam dates by clicking the link to KronoX and search for the course code.