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Exam room

The room in which you will be taking the exam will be announced on the day of the exam in the main reception in Building G.

Arrive in good time

Make sure that you arrive in good time. You will need time to find the place reserved for you. Five minutes before the start of the exam the invigilator (person in charge of the examination) will go through the rules and procedures for the exam.
Students arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of the exam will not be permitted to enter the examination room.

Personal ID

When you take an exam at University West you must bring some form of current identification (a passport, driving license, personal ID card). These documents should be placed in an easily visible position on your desk and should remain there throughout the duration of the examination. If you do not bring your identification you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Personal belongings

The only things that you are permitted to take with you into the examination room are pens, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, your ID. You may also bring refreshments (e.g. a bottle of water and a banana) as well as any permissible examination aids. Jackets, bags etc must be left in the area that is specially provided. The only paper that is permitted is that provided by the university.

Examination aids

The course examiner or the teacher responsible for the course will announce whether any study aids are permissible and, if so, what sort. This information will be provided in writing on the front of the examination script.

Time available

The examination will start and finish at the times stipulated for the exam. If you wish to leave the examination room early, the completed front sheet must be handed in to the invigilator. No student will be allowed to leave the examination room before 40 minutes from the start of the exam have elapsed.


The only accepted reason for leaving the examination room is to go to the toilet. Visits to the toilet are registered by noting, on a special list, the student's name and the point in time when the examination was interrupted.

Handing in completed exam papers

The invigilator will announce when only 15 minutes of examination time remain. Prior to submitting your exam paper you need to make sure that: - Your name has been written on all of the answer papers - All of the pages of your answer are numbered - The front sheet has been completed - The questions that you have answered have all been ring-marked on the front cover All of the above information should be written on the exam paper before the end of the examination.


The results of the exam will be posted on your own 'My Page' once the grades have been reported into the University's result documentation system (Ladok). Graded examination papers can be obtained from the Student Service Centre on the second floor of Building G.
Examination papers that have not been collected one year after the date of the examination will be destroyed. Once you have taken an exam and gained a passing grade, you are no longer permitted to take the exam again. Students who wish to appeal their exam result should not take the exam itself but, instead, should request a copy of their paper. Any queries regarding the result of the examination should be submitted to the examiner in writing.


Grades are assigned for each completed course. The grading system that is used at University West normally comprises three stages:

  • Pass with distinction (VG)
  • Pass (G)
  • Fail (U)

For some courses only grades of Pass (G) and Fail (U) are available. For some courses in technology and engineering, a numbered grading system of 3, 4, 5 and fail is sometimes used.

If you wish to draw attention to an aspect of the marking of your paper you should contact the teacher responsible.

Didn't pass?

If you didn't pass the exam you have the opportunity to take it again the next time it is offered. In total, you have the opportunity to take an exam five times. If the course that you have studied is no longer provided or undergone substantial changes, you have the right to at least three opportunities to take the exam within the period of one year after the changes have been made. Once you have passed the exam you cannot take it again as a means of improving your grade.



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