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Access to your corrected exams

As of Mars 2015 we will scan all corrected exam. As a student you will find your exam under "My Page" > "My Exams". All your exams will be there in PDF:format.

Your exams will be stored on the university´s server two years and will after that be removed. You can of course store your exams on your own computer if you want to. The paper exam will be saved approximately a month. If you discover any inaccuracies in your scanned exam, for example a missing page, it is important that you contact the Student Centre as soon as possible.

The exam collection point at the Student Centre will close so you will not be able to get your exam in paper format.

Access to older exams

The exam extradition at the Student Centre will close. The exams that were written from October 2014 and forward will be scanned and made available at "My Page" > "My Exams.

If you need access to an exam written before October 2014 please fill out the form "How to get my corrected exams" and we will scan it for you.

Cover Page

In relation with the scanning process we introduce a new cover page for the exam. The cover page is for the most part pre-printed and the exam guard will inform you about what you as a student need to fill in. In order for the system to be able to identify each individual exam it is important that the cover page is not damaged. You cannot for example write outside of assigned fields or on the QR-code. It is also important that you write clearly so that the cover page will be read properly.

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