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Meet Anna Edlund, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at University West. Anna embarked on an exchange adventure in Madrid, Spain, at Carlos III Universidad Madrid. Reflecting on her experience, Anna shares, "One of my best decisions was to study abroad. I've developed personally and opened up opportunities to work abroad after my degree."

Adapting to a different academic and cultural landscape, Anna notes, "The school and culture are different, but I've learned from Spain's culture and other international students worldwide." Her time abroad has been marked by vibrant atmospheres and global connections.

Spain also brought some surprises, such as the realization that it can be pretty cold there and the cultural nuances of "mañana mañana" and siesta. Adjusting to a different dinner schedule and navigating a different school system provided valuable insights.

The challenges Anna faced while abroad included language barriers and managing multiple English-taught courses concurrently. As Anna left Spain to go back to Sweden, she'll miss her newfound "international family," the diversity of the people, and the warmth of Spanish weather and culture.

Her advice to aspiring students is short and simple: "You won't regret it."