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Study programme

What possibilities you have to go abroad depends on what programme you are studying. In some programmes, students have a full elective semester of studies, in some programmes not.

We have created web pages per department at University West where the options for each study programme is listed, and also in some cases recommended partner universities - so start by checking these at the page with information about exchange at your department

If you study single subject courses at University West, you will need to contact a study councellor to find out what courses would be required for a specific degree or diploma at University West.

Partner universities

You also have below a link to a database of all exchange agreements available, but you also keep the following in mind:

  • Check with which partner universities you are able to study the subject area you are interested in.
  • Surf the partner universities web pages and compare the courses they offer in English to exchange students.
  • Contact your departmental coordinator or programme manager in order to verify that the courses you intend to study abroad can be included in your degree here at University West.

Make sure to apply in good time – it takes time to find the right study places, and the number of seats for each partner university is limited. We recommend that you choose three options for this reason in your application.