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About the scholarship

Länsförsäkringar Älvsborg, Kommunakademin Väst and Högskolan Väst are united in their desire to make a difference locally and regionally in matters relating to democracy, diversity and sustainability. This scholarship is one way to achieve that goal.

The scholarship is awarded to students prior to essay writing, partly as encouragement and partly to cover expenses incurred in connection with, for example, local travel. The size of the scholarship will amount to up to SEK 20,000, depending on how many individual scholarships that are awarded.

The topics of the essays relevant for this scholarship must highlight sustainable development from a local and/or regional point of view. All three dimensions of sustainable development (ecological, social and economic) are of interest.

The thesis work can create contacts with future employers. The essays will be highlighted in the municipalities they are written in and may become part of their activities.

The local connection also means that the essays must tackle societal challenges that the municipalities and the region are facing. Through this way of working, you will work with actual sustainability challenges and take a hands-on approach in contributing to building a more sustainable society.

Selection criteria

  • Assessed impact for the construction of a sustainable society, locally and regionally
  • Assessed feasibility
  • A mix between different sustainability challenges and municipalities
  • That the essay is written in collaboration with one of the identified municipalities
  • The essay can be written in Swedish or English after consultation with the student's programme and the municipality concerned
  • The scholarship welcomes applicants at both bachelor's and master's level.

Topics for essays 2022-2023

In this round of applications, themes for the essay come from Vänersborg Municipality and Trollhättan City (see below). The essays will be written in the spring of 2023, ending in June, when conclusions and results will be presented.

The scholarship recipients will work closely with responsible individuals in the municipalities while researching and writing the thesis. The work will begin with a meeting between the scholarship holder, the supervisor at the university and the municipality to set the framework for the essay.


The application for the scholarship is now open! Submit your application no later than January 9 2023 to Fredrik Sjögren


The scholarship recipients are selected by a committee consisting of representatives from Länsförsäkringar, Kommunakademin Väst and the Center for Sustainability at University West.

Contact us for more information

Fredrik Sunnemark

Fredrik Sunnemark Senior lecturer