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The criteria for being considered for a nomination is that one has contributed with innovative and beneficial efforts with a clear industrial connection.

In 2015, GKN celebrated 85 years and University West 25 years. In connection, the parties instituted a new scholarship to reward special and innovative collaborative efforts. The scholarship covers SEK 15,000 and will be awarded annually for 10 years from 2016. After five years, GKN will evaluate the scholarship and possibly adjust the purpose and criteria. The scholarship recipients' names will be listed on a board in the "GKN hall" at University West.

What is rewarded can be special and innovative collaborative efforts within:

  • Applied research
  • Project collaboration
  • Training

Through their work, the scholarship recipient must have achieved practical benefit that has benefited both the university and industry. (It may also include companies other than GKN).


The application/nomination must go to and describe what the nominee has done and what the work has resulted in (preferably with a reference) and what further can be expected. The last date for the application is 27 November.

Decision of scholarship

The decision on scholarship recipients is made by a scholarship committee led by the vice-chancellor.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony takes place on 7 December at the university's Vice-chancellor’s Information.


Maria Derner, University West, 0739-01 33 06

Henrik Runnemalm, GKN Aerospace, 0700-87 23 52