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An important starting point when considering using any Gen AI tool is that you always need to have sufficient subject knowledge to determine whether what is written in the generated text is correct and relevant. Compare with other sources and don't assume that the information in the text is accurate. Gen AI is not particularly skilled at conveying factual information. 

Before you use Gen AI tools in your studies and examinations, ask yourself the following question:

  • Can I use Gen AI tools for this task?

University West's policy on Gen AI (see 2.2, 11 and 15) states that information about the use/non use of Gen AI must be included in all syllabi.

If you are allowed to use Gen AI in the course, have following in mind:

  • Is this good for my learning or am I missing something by using the Gen AI tool?
  • Writing good prompts (instructions/questions) for Gen AI is an important part of the use. Success factors are to be clear, specific, provide context, ask follow up questions, use keywords and, above all, test your way forward. Imagine you're having a conversation with the Gen AI tool.
  • If you receive and have used a Gen AI tool in an examination, you must refer to what you have retrieved from the Gen AI tool. In our referencing guides, you can find templates for this.
  • You need to know what applies to cheating and plagiarism as well as the possible consequences of cheating.

How Can Gen AI Tools Benefit Your Studies?

  • Gen AI can help you organize your time and create effective study plans.
  • Use Gen AI as a tireless study coach for questions and explanations. Tell the Gen AI tool to act as a coach so it doesn't give you the answers. Enter text and get questions back. 
  • Get help with ideas and inspiration for your writing projects.
  • Ask for examples of different text genres if you are unsure of how to write a text.
  • Get help with spelling, grammar, and text structure.
  • Use Gen AI for translations.
  • Improve your written and oral skills through simulations and exercises.

Gen AI and source evaluation

Being source critical is an ability you need to possess in many different situations. When using Gen AI tools, it is important to consider whether the answers you will get to your prompts are true. When you get answers from Gen AI, try to see through possible language and factual errors or biased information.