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All students, both new and more experienced, are welcome to contact our academic study coach. You can get help with planning and structuring your studies, tips, and guidance about good study techniques and tools for time management, or even support on navigating on Canvas. No question is too small or big and the coaching is always based on your needs.

Book a consultation with the academic study coach

How the consultation works

Before the meeting

If you have booked a meeting on campus you go to room G212. It is located on the first floor above Service center in the same corridor as the student counselors.

If you have chosen a digital meeting, you will find the link in your booking confirmation.

During the meeting

The meeting will last about 45 minutes. We start by talking about your previous study results, how you study today, and your long-term goals. After that, the coaching will differ depending on your needs. Together we discuss what already works and what can be improved. For example, it can be about

  • Time management
  • How to create good habits
  • How to set appropriate long- and short-term goals
  • How to read effectively
  • Different note-taking techniques
  • How to stay motivated

After the meeting

You will now have time to work with the techniques and/or skills you need to improve. We often book a new meeting to discuss the results.


Develop your study strategies

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has a great website about study strategies, including motivation, time management, memory techniques, etc. There is also a long list of apps and literature on the same topics. It is well worth a visit!

Study techniques on Canvas

On our Canvas page “Studieteknik” (study techniques) you can find films in English made by Björn Liljeqvist, where he goes through how to improve your study techniques.

If you would like to get access to these films, please register for a subscription by clicking the heading above. To subscribe you must be a student at University West.