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In our Open Lab, the University and the rest of society can work together in different ways. Different actors can develop and learn from each other and critically review what is happening and being made.

Creative environments in combination with the latest digital technology enable both development and visibility of new knowledge. Every Monday at 15:00 - 16:00, we arrange OpenFika at OpenLab (J337), where you can come by and drink coffee and talk with us.

The goal is to contribute with support and suggestions for solutions to deal with various digital challenges, but also to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between traditional areas of knowledge.

The lab helps to problematize the effects of digitalisation and individual new technologies in a sustainable way in order to develop knowledge. In the lab, we can collaborate in different ways to develop and learn from each other and critically review what is happening and done.

Premises, equipment and opportunities

Open Lab can function as a so-called “makerspace” - a creative environment based on knowledge sharing and access to tools for realizing ideas. The premises in the lab have different functions and possibilities, for example there are a variety of software, Immersive media such as VR and AR, but also among other things. Laser etchers/cutting and 3D printers.



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