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What does an SI leader do?

The SI leader must prepare and lead conversations about the parts of the course that the students find difficult and help the students understand the course content together.

What do you get as an SI leader out of the assignment?

  • You develop your communicative and pedagogical skills
  • You train your leadership skills
  • You get in-depth subject knowledge.
  • You receive a fee for the assignment.

What is it like to be an SI leader?

Jayanth, Chetan and Prakruth, SI Leaders on the Master in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering 2020 programme, say:

"We started the two-year program last year and we are the first litter to be SI leaders. We can talk about the courses and be a bit like older brothers."

"It is a good experience to find solutions to difficulties that arise."

"I notice that the students appreciate it. You give and take. For an international student, it is extra difficult the first few days, so we help answer all kinds of questions. They can ask us anything!"

Maja and Helena were SI leaders on the Brokerage Program (Mäklarekonomprogrammet) 2020;

"We have received a lot of appreciation from the students we have helped. And it's funny that so many came, somewhere between 65-75% of all the students in the cohort. I enjoy leading and getting the students involved in the courses. It is rewarding to help other students."

"It's like a job. I finished my studies in June, but have continued to work as an SI leader in parallel with another job. Many appreciate having someone to ask who is not a teacher."

The former SI leaders agree that the assignment has contributed to:

  • A deeper understanding of the subject.
  • That they learned a lot by teaching others.
  • That they developed their leadership qualities
  • New friends

Do you want to become an SI leader?

A prerequisite for being able to apply for the assignment is that you yourself have passed the course you want to become an SI leader in. In addition, you must undergo a training organized by University West after you have applied for the assignment.

Do you want to know more?

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