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What is SI PASS?

SI stands for Supplemental Instruction  and PASS for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. It is a method based on collaborative learning. The philosophy of the SI method is that the exchange of ideas and thoughts will help students to understand the course content on a deeper level. The goal of Supplemental Instruction is therefore to help students master the course content while developing effective learning techniques, critical thinking and study strategies in collaborative study sessions. These so-called SI sessions are hosted by an experienced student who has participated in a training for SI leaders.

How do an SI PASS sessions work?

SI PASS sessions are facilitated by students called SI leaders who have previously excelled in the course. SI offers scheduled out-of-class study sessions in smaller groups where students work collaboratively by discussing readings and central terms and theories in the course. The Sl leader guides the student group through the course content and helps to develop effective study strategies. It is a flexible study environment where the students have opportunity to influence the content!

Why should I attend SI PASS sessions?

SI PASS helps you to develop strategies and techniques to study more successfully. Through discussion you get a deeper knowledge and understanding of your subject, while at the same time training your abilities in critical thinking and problem solving. The main idea is to help each other and benefit of each others experiences – everybody participating in SI will learn something, regardless competence level.

In which courses can I find SI PASS sessions?

During the last years, SI PASS has been offered in a variety of courses throughout the university, for example in the nursing programme, in different engineering programmes, in programming/IT and in economics. The range can vary a bit from term to term – if there are SI PASS sessions offered in your course you will receive information by the beginning of the course, and the sessions will be included in your course schedule.

What is an SI leader?

SI leader is a student who has previously taken the course and passed it. The SI leader receives training in collaborative learning and leadership and leads the SI sessions. Sometimes there may be several SI leaders on the same course.

How do I become an SI leader?

To become an SI leader, you must have passed the course you want to work on and you apply for the position for each new academic year

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