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University West holds a European Satellite Office, named WACE European ISO. One of the ISO: s goal is to provide competency development for different actors such as faculty staff, researchers, teachers, employees that are involved in Work-Integrated Learning. By providing seminars, institutes, arranging conferences and give keynotes (mainly in the area of engineering and education) the collaboration with other universities and organisations that promote life-long learning benefits.

University West has over the past 25 years developed and worked with work-integrated learning (WIL) in education and research in order to take advantage of the qualities that workplace-based training provides. The university has all these years been a member of WACE and has actively participated in the leadership of the organization. When WACE decided to extend and develop its activities globally through the establishment of so-called International Satellite Offices (ISO), the choice fell on University West. In addition to the office at University West, there is also an office in Thailand at Suranaree University of Technology.