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Bridging Work Integrated Learning Practice to Theory


"Work-Integrated Learning: Enable Students Pathways to Employment" - Some perspectives on students, teachers and the societal role"

In January WACE-ISO held a seminar at University of Porto,
Portugal on Work-Integrated learning and the challenges of enable
students pathways to employment.  The discussion were loud and energizing,
problematizing student and teachers role in the new work-life.
"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for a well-organized and thoughtful seminar. Your leadership, as well as, the content made the presentations very provoking. Congratulations on the very important work that you do."
Dr. Eduardo J. Padron
Miami Dade College

"The WACE ISO Seminar on Work-Integrated Learning: Enable Students Pathways to Employment was a great experience. The seminar with keynote presentations and subsequent group discussions was an ideal way to learn from each other and share experiences with colleagues from other universities and get to know how WIL is implemented in other countries. Learning from your peers is very inspiring, and especially the mix of theory from the reading list provided before the seminar and the best practices shared during the seminar was very beneficial. In addition, it was also a good networking event and I already look forward to the next seminar."
Brigitte Ilg 
Director International Office
DHBW Heidenheim