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WACE and the University of Cincinnati, the host for the 21st WACE World Conference, are excited to formally announce the dates for the World Conference which will be held August 3-7, 2019 on the campus of the University of Cincinnati in the Cincinnati, Ohio USA. WACE and the University of Cincinnati World Conference Planning Committee have been working for the past several months to plan a World Conference that embraces the changing landscape of CWIE by offering new opportunities for people to interact and present at a World Conference. Along with these new opportunities, we will continue with the WC program tradition of seeking presentations that highlight new and innovative work in the world of CWIE.

In the next few weeks, WACE will release the formal Call for Abstracts. The Call will contain information about the Refereed Paper process with specific deadlines as well as the abstract submission deadlines for non-refereed papers, workshops, panels and Academic Posters as well as less traditional types of presentations. The latter will be outlined in more detail in the formal Call and are designed to provide a variety of ways to learn and share that inspire engagement, innovation and evolution!

The University of Cincinnati, birthplace of co-operative education in 1906 and current home to an outstanding CWIE suite of programs, is excited to be the host for the 21st WACE World Conference. Consider joining us in this modern, cosmopolitan city for a unique learning experience that will showcase CWIE along with the many social and cultural offerings of the city and region.

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