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Link to call for papers

From this year and onwards the Swedish national association and the VILÄR conference will provide an English track, so we are happy to invite all of our International colleagues to this event!

Work Integrated Learning is an umbrella term for all educational models that built on co-operation and integration between higher education and working life. These models, such as Co-op, (Cooperative education), mentorship programmes, internships, practicum etc, share some common possibilities and challenges. The contributions can be of different character, you can present your studies in a best/next practice report or in a journal manuscript as well as hosting a workshop. The conference welcomes different stakeholders such as teachers, researcher, coordinators, supervisors and representatives from work life, everyone with an interested in Work Integrated Learning.

We are happy to present our two keynotes this year: Kristina Edström, from KTH and Julianne Check, from Østfold University, see links below for more information!

Web-page in English (for swedish information, click on "In Swedish" at top of the web page)


Hotel and travel information

Do you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of us!

Kristina Johansson Kristina Sandström  Eva Erkmar