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This is WACE

The World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education (WACE) is the only international professional organization dedicated to developing, expanding, branding and advocating for cooperative & work-integrated education programs within industry and educational institutions.

Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education (CWIE) is a term created by WACE to acknowledge and embrace all forms of experiential learning utilized by industry and educational institutions to prepare the next generation of global professionals. CWIE is an encompassing term that includes: cooperative education, internships, semester in industry, international co-op exchanges, study abroad, research, clinical rotations, service learning and community service.

WACE strives to create, implement and maintain events, programs and services geared to the support and expansion of the Global Industry and Institutional Partners network and the entire CWIE community.

Duties of a WACE Regional Office

As a WACE Regional Office, University West complements, supports and promotes the globalization of CWIE through activities and events throughout the European region. We are also committed to promoting WACE membership to identified institutions within this and other regions of the world.

More specifically the WACE Regional Office:

  • Supports the general promotion of WACE programs and services with European colleagues.
  • Assists with the development of business and industry partnerships and membership within the region.
  • Assists with hosting, or hosts, a WACE project or event within the region (e.g. conference, institute, special event).
  • Works cooperatively with all National or local CWIE associations in the region in support of local and global CWIE growth and development.
  • Serves as a member of the WACE Global Strategic Council.
  • Cross-promotes agreed upon events, using the WACE logo and mail lists for mutually agreed upon purposes.
  • Actively participates in National Associations Committee and contributes to ongoing WACE communications and programs (e.g. WACE World Conferences, WACE lnternational Research Symposia, Global Conversation Webinars, etc.).
  • Commits to a 3-5 year term and a formal mutual review prior to renewal consideration.

Our priorities as a Regional Office

As a Regional Office, University West focuses on promoting Work-Integrated Learning in Europe. Our goal is to promote the commitment to the Global WIL Charter both from institutional and company partners within Europe.

We also prioritize raiseing the awareness of WIL among present and future partners from academia as well as industry, the public sector and civil society. We also want to contribute to the development of knowledge surrounding WIL through our research activities.  

Contact us!

Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson Senior lecturer Senior Advisor Strategic Internationalisation